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Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music provides a comprehensive & effective academic program that teaches varied genres of music from across the globe. The Academy seeks to provide music education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the music industry as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, engineers, teachers and more. The opportunities for students who live and learn at the academy are endless.

We are here to nurture, cultivate talent and build a pool of professionals that represent the country on an international level and also become global ambassadors of music. SAM fosters a mature community for musicians and music lovers, providing them with an evolved perspective that transforms their relationship with music & life.

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Batch commences on 18, January 2021


Diploma in Music Performance sets you up with all the skills needed to excel in the various verticals of the ever-emerging music industry. Live Musician, Sessions Player/Singer, Music Composer, Music Educator are some of the career options available.

Music Theory, Sight Reading, Session Skills, Bandstand Performance, Composition and Arranging and Music business Skills are just some of the exciting modules covered in this course. We offer a healthy balance of Western Music, Indian Music and Session Skills. Check out the complete module listing for detailed information.

Duration:2 Trimesters or 4 Trimesters
Career Options:Live Musician, Sessions Player/Singer, Music Composer, Music Educator, etc

If you are looking for a career as a studio engineer, live sound engineer, electronic music producer or a mix of all of the above; our Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production Technology is for you. With state of the art facilities and faculty that are deep in the industry, this program sets you up for a career in the music industry as soon as you step out of school.

Acoustics, Studio Design, Recording Technique, Mixing, MIDI and Synthesis are some of the modules covered in this course.

Duration:2 Trimesters
Career Options:Audio Engineer, Recording and Mixing Engineer, Electronic Music Producer Independent Producer, Live Sound Engineer

This unique program provides a healthy balance between Music Performance and Music Production. With the choice of majoring in either department, this course sets you up with all the tools for an independent musician. Learn how to compose, perform and produce your music independently. Students majoring in performance would complete two trimesters in performance and one trimester in production. Students majoring in Production would do the opposite.

Duration:3 Trimesters
Career Options:Live Musician, Sessions Player/Singer, Music Composer, Music Educator, Independent Artist, Producer


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